NCIS: Los Angeles season 12 episode 10: Is Sam’s daughter Kam dead?

NCIS: Los Angeles - Sam's daughterAs we prepare for NCIS: Los Angeles season 12 episode 10, it’s clear at this point that we’ve got an ENORMOUS cliffhanger that needs to be resolved. After all, we don’t know if Sam’s daughter is going to survive.

In the closing minutes of tonight’s episode 9, we saw Kam Hanna get grabbed at the last second. This is something that sets up a crisis like no other for LL Cool J’s character, as he’ll do whatever he can in order to find her. This is, after all, someone he cares about more than anyone else in the world. Also, remember what happened already to Michelle — he’s lost someone else he loved.

In addition to trying to save his daughter, there is a larger question that we wonder if Sam is going to ask himself: Is this job really for him? He’s done so much in order to help others, but there is a real consequence to this life in that it puts people he loves in jeopardy. This is a huge cost to what he does and he know that it weighs on him already.

There is a pretty interesting wrinkle to also think about when it comes to Kam, and it has to do with her own aspirations. We know that she’s working towards a prominent military future in her own right, and it’s possible that she will be able to save herself before her father even gets to her. Personally, what we’re hoping is that the two are able to combine in some way to free her and save the city — it gives Kam a little more power, and also introduces an exciting dynamic to the show. We just have to prepare ourselves for anything and everything, given that NCIS: Los Angeles is clearly out to have us on edge at this point.

Unfortunately, we’re going to be waiting at least a few weeks to see episode 10 air.

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Do you think that Sam’s daughter Kam is going to survive on NCIS: Los Angeles, or will he suffer another tragedy?

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