NCIS season 18 episode 5 sneak peek: Gibbs clues in the team

Mark HarmonNCIS season 18 episode 5 is the second episode airing on Tuesday, and it’s also one of the biggest ones this season.

Why is that? It feels, at least based on the new sneak peek, like Gibbs is getting the whole team together on the Merriweather case — the one tied to the opioid ring we’ve seen at the center of this season. Fornell has been off the grid for months at the time of episode 5, but hasn’t been able to produce big results. Now, Gibbs recognizes that he is running up against the clock — he knows that he will have to turn things over to the DEA soon, and he needs to make the most of his remaining time in order to ensure he gets some answers.

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In the sneak peek below, you can actually see Mark Harmon’s character cluing in the remainder of the team as to precisely what has been going on. None of the other agents are idiots — they knew that Gibbs was up to something, even if they hadn’t figured out all of the particular details. It seems like they’d even offered up some guesses here and there along the way, including the possibility that Gibbs had some sort of secret girlfriend. Not the case, at least as far as we know. (We wouldn’t have been that upset, though, if it turned out that he had one and it was Sloane.)

Really, much of episode 5 (entitled “Head of the Snake”) is going to be a race against time. Can Gibbs and the team figure out who is running the show with the Merriweather case before it’s too late, let alone stop them? We feel like we’re inching super-close now to that airfield confrontation that we saw in the premiere, and we want to get a pretty good sense as to why in the world Gibbs shot McGee.

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Where do you think the story is going to progress as we get close to NCIS season 18 episode 5?

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