Power Book IV: Force: Will 2-Bit eventually join Tommy Egan?

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Following the events of the Power Book II: Ghost finale this past weekend, the excitement for Power Book IV: Force is there more than ever. How can it not be? There’s so much more intrigue after seeing Tommy Egan again, and it’s more clear than ever before that he is starting over and building a new life for himself elsewhere.

Now, let’s go ahead and also pose the following question: Could any other familiar faces join him? If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from Power Book II: Ghost, it’s that the producers and Starz aren’t just going to throw one cast member alone out on an island. Just like Tasha and Cooper Saxe were both active parts of Ghost, we feel like Tommy’s going to have some company on his show, as well.

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For the time being, it feels like the top candidate has to be none other than 2-Bit. He’s a longtime Tommy associate, he’s already out of prison, and we think he’s still loyal to him. We also know that Tommy was still in town the last we saw him on Ghost. It’s conceivable that he would’ve learned that 2-Bit was out and after that, went to pay him a visit. It could also explain why Tariq wouldn’t have to bother with him anymore — he could just leave with Joseph Sikora’s character.

If you are 2-Bit, it may be tantalizing to stay in New York and just collect more money from Tariq; yet, this could be finite. If he goes off with Tommy, he could have protection, and eventually make more money that is consistently steady and his own. On a meta level, this is certainly something that Starz would likely prefer. Don’t you want to appeal to longtime fans by giving a popular character a larger role? We like to think so.

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