Power Book II: Ghost episode 8: How could Saxe get to Tariq?

Power book 2In just over 24 hours the latest episode of Power Book II: Ghost is going to arrive on Starz — and there is a lot to anticipate.

One of the stories that the show really has to accelerate relates to Cooper Saxe and Tariq — in particular, whether or not the US Attorney can link Michael Rainey Jr.’s character to Ghost’s murder. He’s trying, and he’s already been able to get some proof that Tariq is responsible. The problem is that there’s no way that it can be admissible within a court of law.

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So where does Saxe go now, especially since he hasn’t found all that much in the way of concrete evidence of anything as of yet? We hate to say it, but in some ways he may be reliant on Riley once more. will she be upset over her breakup with Brayden, and decide to spill what little she knows? She at least recognizes that there is some shady stuff happening, though isn’t aware of the finer details. The problem is that Tariq knows who she really is, and that may render her unable to get close to Brayden again.

Another possibility is that he does continue to seek out as many different people as possible as potential witnesses in Tasha’s case. This is where Tommy Egan could become an x-factor. He knows that he’s innocent in Ghost’s death, and he also knows how Tariq set him up. There’s a good case that he could make to get Tariq in some trouble, but how far would he want to go to back that happen? He may not love Tariq all that much these days, but he’s still Ghost’s son and the two reconciled as Ghost passed away.

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