Grey’s Anatomy season 17 episode 6 photo: Meredith’s at the beach…

Meredith GreyGrey’s Anatomy season 17 episode 6 is otherwise known as the winter finale, and we know that there’s a lot ahead for Meredith. In the promos for this episode, you can see Ellen Pompeo’s character waking up after spending so much of the season in and out of consciousness.

Now, we can confirm that Meredith is also going to be at her dream-beach in this upcoming episode, as well. The photo above is all the proof you need, as she is clearly looking fondly upon something or someone. The big question worth wondering here is simply this: What exactly is the character looking at? Is it someone we’ve already seen like Patrick Dempsey’s Derek, or instead a new face we haven’t seen at all so far? ABC hasn’t promoted the beach scenes as much the past few days, which suggests to us that we aren’t necessarily going to see a new face. Or, at the very least they don’t want us to know anything in advance.

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The other question you’re left to wonder here is if this is going to be the final appearance of the beach this season. We’re assuming that at some point, Meredith is going to start doing better. We do believe that Grey’s Anatomy wants to tell a story of hope, and the best way to do that is to show the title character finding a way to get to the other side. We don’t know if the beach will show up once she is more on the road to full recovery. It has represented in some way a window into the afterlife, which is why each character had a specific motivation and reaction to Meredith inching closer to that.

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