Grey’s Anatomy season 17 winter finale promo: Is Meredith waking up?

Grey's AnatomyAs you prepare for the Grey’s Anatomy season 17 winter finale next week, big things could be coming for Meredith Grey.

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In the promo that aired following tonight’s big episode, we saw in the closing seconds Meredith seemingly wake up after being in her dream beach-world for most of the season. What does this mean? It’s too early to tell, since the last thing that we want to do is just assume that we’re going to see her return to her old self. We also have to wonder if there are any other returning characters — we’ve already seen Derek and George, so is that going to be it? Will there be a chance for Lexie to turn up at some point as well? It’s at least something you gotta wonder here.

We’re not sure how much of the beach we’ll be seeing for sure, or if this winter finale is going to end in a cliffhanger or not. The only thing that we feel confident in saying is that the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is about to get completely and utterly overrun. The virus is playing a huge part of that, as one hospital in the city being over-capacity means that many others will follow in lockstep.

Of course, we want to keep seeing cameos on the beach, but we find ourselves in a tricky spot given that it would also be nice to just be on the other side of all of this. It’s been such a painful, devastating year for many, and it’s hard to keep with the pandemic as the primary subject matter.

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