NCIS season 18 episode 3 sneak peek: Fornell gives Gibbs an update


What’s going on with Gibbs and Fornell on NCIS season 18 episode 3? We’ve got a first look all about it in the sneak peek below!

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The last time we saw Gibbs and Fornell have a face-to-face meeting, it was back in the premiere where Tobias indicated that he needed a little bit of time to figure out his next move. He’s been working to shut down an opioid ring, and he’s still insisting that he did not kill the guy at the end of the first episode.

So where is Fornell now? Working undercover at Beltway Burger, an establishment that he believes is 100% connected to the drug ring. Why would someone work there for minimum wage when they can make so much money under the table? It’s because they may be using the entire place as a front. Think in terms of Los Pollos Hermanos over on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Fornell hasn’t been able to get into the freezer yet, and that’s the last place that he needs to check in order to get answers.

In the end, Fornell is called back in before he can fully wrap up his conversation — we do think that there are some answers coming on this storyline before the episode wraps up. Yet, we also don’t think everything will be tied in a neat little bow. After all, there are going to be at least a couple more installments coming in this arc before we get to the end of it. For now, just enjoy the arc for what it is.

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