Grey’s Anatomy season 17 episode 4: Did TR Knight return as George?

Grey's Anatomy season 14Entering Grey’s Anatomy season 17 episode 4, there was one question people were asking more than any other — who was coming back? Someone was visiting Meredith in her dream-world, but the question was just who it was. The top candidates were George, Mark, Lexie, and Ellis — we figured the returning doctor would be one of the four.

As it turns out, those of you who guessed George are the big winners! For the first time in years, TR Knight returned to the program as the iconic character.

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So why bring back George here? It is an interesting choice — he was one of the show’s original interns alongside Meredith and they have a romantic history. He was interested in her from almost the get-go and while this clearly wasn’t the great love in her life, it was still notable. It was George’s death that was the most brutal, given that he sacrificed himself for the sake of someone else and it was hard to even confirm that it was him after the fact.

We’ve missed George. It’s nice to see him again. He made it clear that his mother struggled with his death and he wanted her to let it go. He also wanted to encourage Meredith to keep fighting and think about her kids — even if he never met her kids.

In the end, George did help Meredith to keep fighting, and she also allowed him to have some peace in telling him how he changed her life. It was his ability to constantly help others — he didn’t have any regrets, even after his death.

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