‘Gossip Girl’ season 6, episode 8 preview: Dan’s Serena debate

DanAs “Gossip Girl” season 6 inches ever closer to the series finale in just over two weeks, we are going to have all sorts of questions pondered over by some of the characters … especially Dan. At the moment, there is no question that Penn Badgley’s character as quite a bit of power. He has a publishing deal with Vanity Fair, and thus has license to ruin the lives of just about everyone he wants.

But does he really want to ruin Serena? This is where the conflict comes into play here. He is clearly still in love with her despite everything that they have been through (shocking at this may seem), and he still wants to do just about everything that he can in order to be with her. This includes not publishing a chapter that would completely destroy her reputation, despite however tempting it may be or whoever comes to him with pleas to make it happen … well, almost whoever.

As you can see in the video below, there is one person left who strangely holds some power over Dan, and she is able to seemingly convince him to go ahead and sell his ex out: Georgina, who is clearly not done causing people trouble yet despite it being so late in the game at this point. Dan seems to call at the end of the episode and authorize Vanity Fair to press onward with the Serena chapter, but there is always hope that he can change his mind … right? Considering that there are only two episodes left, we would hate to see him make a move that causes him to be a villain for the rest of the show.

Do you think that Dan will turn things around? If you want to see what the “Gossip Girl” producing team has to say about this episode, you can do so over here.

Photo: The CW


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