This Is Us season 5 spoilers: Prepare to see a lot of the cabin

This Is UsAs we prepare for This Is Us season 5, go ahead and expect the Pearson family cabin to be a central location. We know that it’s the setting of the 40th birthday party for Kevin and Kate, but it could be more than that.

Speaking (via Deadline) while on a recent press call, executive producer Dan Fogelman noted that the show is “spending a lot of time in the family cabin this year, by design.” What does that mean? It could serve, for starters, as a great place for Kevin and Madison to get to know each other better, safe from some of the craziness of the outside world. It could also be a way for several characters to presumably quarantine together and stay safe, given that the show is writing in the global health crisis. That is one of the creative challenges that this season faces — if the Pearsons are traveling around and frequently interacting with each other without masks, it could set a bad example to viewers watching at home. (We should note that we have seen already Kevin wear a mask while outside.)

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Also on this call, Fogelman noted that it was important for the entire team to be able to get Tuesday’s two-hour premiere out there before the election — even if they had to cram production — just to give viewers a chance to experience something different:

“It was really important to me — and to us — to get these episodes on before the election, not because they are political but because I think they are difficult and they are hopeful, and we felt it was important to us to put them on TV now with no agenda other than that … But it also created intense rush.”

Rest assured, we are excited to see them — and we’re pretty sure that we are going to have a lot to discuss.

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