Yellowstone season 3 episode 6: Kevin Costner on Jamie’s secret

Yellowstone season 3We’re now coming off of Yellowstone season 3 episode 6, and this is an installment that showed us many things.

Take, for example, what happened with John Dutton as he learned the truth about what Jamie did to Beth so many years beforehand. He rendered her unable to have children, and because of that, there is a divide there that may be beyond repair. When you hear Kevin Costner speak about this in the video below, there’s a recognition that there may not be any saving this relationship; the pain and the trauma may make things too far gone. This is why John utters the phrase “all for nothing” at the end of the episode, as there is a real consciousness on his part that all of this work bringing the family up may not amount to anything.

If the Dutton siblings cannot work together, there may not be a future. As it is, Tate is the only child who could end up leading the ranch in another generation — and that is a ton of responsibility for any one person to take on. Dutton knows it.

The video below also includes a discussion on some other notable topics, including the search for the missing indigenous woman. This is a story that is very important for a show like Yellowstone to tell, mostly because they have a perspective that feels authentic. These are things that happen, and it is often the community who finds themselves in a position where they have to work in order to get justice on their own. The statistics are skewed and often, there is no platform or way to bring further attention to the cause. They have to do it largely for themselves.

As we near the end of the season, the emotional undercurrents we’ve seen over the past few weeks will only swell. Rest assured, we’re very much curious to learn where they go.

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