Big Brother 22: Is Danielle Reyes not taking part in All-Stars?

Danielle ReyesFor those of you who were hoping to see Danielle Reyes back for Big Brother 22you have a reason to be rather sad right now.

In a new post on Twitter tonight, the season 3 legend (arguably one of the best players to never win) made it clear that she “will not be on Big Brother. Please take note and make adjustments accordingly.” Do we wish that this is some sort of elaborate fake-out? Sure, and we can make jokes and memes about it a million times over. Yet, we also don’t want to live in some imaginary land completely where we buy into Danielle playing all of us. We gotta assume that she’s not going to be a part of it … and maybe be surprised if she does turn up. We just have to take her at her word.

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At the moment, rumor has it that Big Brother 22 will be an All-Star edition — and if we had to guess, the vast majority of contestants are going to be from the last five or six seasons of the show. We’ve made it clear many times over that we’d love personally to see people like Reyes, Daniele Donato, Eric Stein, and Hayden Moss back on the show, but they’re all probably longshots at best. CBS will probably cast one or two people from the first eleven or twelve seasons and then call it a day.

Odds are, we probably won’t know a full cast for at least a couple of weeks, if not longer. An August premiere seems possible, but we think they’re going to be very cautious on the cast reveal. Most of that’s because of testing and not wanting to announce someone who doesn’t get to participate in the end. This is the most complicated season in show history with all of the health regulations that need to be put in place — hence, the reason why CBS has yet to even confirm that it’s happening. There’s no guarantee that it will.

In the end … we just want to see Danielle Reyes back on at least one more time. She deserves it, and we think her game would work just as well now as it once did more than 15 years ago.

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