NCIS 400th episode: How will Gibbs, Ducky’s history be explored?

Mark HarmonIf you had not heard the news just yet, the 400th episode of NCIS is currently slated to air during the upcoming season. It should premiere this fall, provided of course that production is able to happen over the coming months.

To date, there hasn’t been that much really stated about what is going to be coming up … save for that this episode will give you a sense of the history between Gibbs and Ducky. When you see the two of them at the start of season 1, they already have an established rapport — they know each others’ strengths and weaknesses, and that is one of the reasons why they are such a formidable team that is so successful in their jobs.

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So how do you explore this history further? That could be complicated in some ways. It’s possible that the 400th episode could be flashback-heavy in order to really plant you in a specific period of time, but in this current health climate, we know that shows are looking to try to scale back on the number of guest stars. It helps to ensure that there are fewer uncertain variables on set, so we can’t sit here and say that we’ll have younger versions of Gibbs or Ducky in this episode. (We know that we’ve seen a good bit of Young Ducky over the past several years.)

If NCIS does want to use Mark Harmon and David McCallum to tell this story, that makes sense. You could have a case that involves their past, but also one that can be told in the present using anecdotes and stories. This would allow the spotlight to be on these longtime actors, while also limiting the number of new faces, as well. There could be something interesting about this; we rather like this idea of having these two elder statesmen of the show getting to reflect on all of their time playing these characters. There are a handful of people who have been there from the beginning, and all of Gibbs and Ducky’s choices inform who they are in the present.

Hopefully, we’ll have a better sense on NCIS season 18 and what the 400th episode is going to hold very soon.

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