NCIS season 18: The future for Diona Reasonover as Kasie Hines

KasieWhat could be coming up for Kasie Hines on NCIS season 18? We’re hoping in advance for some great stuff. Diona Reasonover has brought passion, humor, and personality to this role since coming on board — it’s a tough gig since a good chunk of your dialogue is often forensic. Yet, she pulls it off and makes some of her spotlights extra-special. There were a couple of notable ones from season 17 — think “Blarney” alongside Brian Dietzen or “Institutionalized” from earlier on in the season.

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So what sort of stories could be explored for Kasie next? What should the future hold? In the latest edition of our ongoing character-spotlight series, we come bearing some suggestions!

1. A story all about her skill set – What we mean is doing a full episode highlighting everything that a character in the lab can truly do — maybe it’s a cold case or one with complicated evidence. In the pandemic, NCIS may need to get creative with the sort of stories it chooses to tell. An episode that is a little smaller in scale and focuses on a Kasie-heavy mystery could prove to be rather exciting.

2. More of Kasie and Ducky together – Given that she was first introduced alongside Ducky, can’t you find a way to have the two work together a little bit more? We wrote recently that there are some interesting ways to incorporate David McCallum if the show is going to be shifting away from larger, action-oriented mysteries during this health crisis.

3. Certainly, more of Kasie’s past – We got to see a little bit of it in “Institutionalized,” but it would be nice to dive into that a little bit more and show some of her earlier years. Explain more of why she developed these interests and some of the challenges that she has been forced to overcome.

4. The aftermath of “Blarney” – Are there aftereffects of what Kasie is going through after being in that life-or-death situation? It would certainly make sense if there was. It could give her a chance to bond more with some other characters on the show as she looks for a shoulder.

5. Interesting character pairings – We had a big story for Kasie and Palmer. why not do something for Kasie and Torres or Kasie and Sloane? Give Reasonover a bulk of scenes with a different series regular and allow her a chance to have fun with the material. Of course, we’re also down for more with her and Brian Dietzen, as well.

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What do you want to see for Kasie Hines on NCIS season 18?

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