The Chi season 3 premiere: How did Brandon die? New mystery

The Chi season 3On Sunday night’s The Chi season 3 premiere, we absolutely had ourselves a lot of different emotions over the course of the episode. Just think about it like this — the episode started with a wedding before Kevin took off from there to a funeral. Brandon’s funeral. What a change of emotions in so short a period of time.

So as emotional as it may be to say goodbye to that character (it was the right decision to write him out … but like this?), there are still questions that could play out throughout the season. The biggest one is simply what happened to cause this death. Despite us learning about the death of Brandon in the premiere, the episode ever actually addressed how he died.

Our feeling, and it’s just a feeling, is that something happened to Brandon that will be dug into throughout the rest of the season. If it was just some medical event, we probably should’ve learned about it already. This is something that producers want to linger for a good while.

We’re going to give the creative team the benefit of the doubt that they have a good plan here to play this out. It’s always just hard given that The Chi is a show that spent so much time getting us investing in this character. We’ll see how the legacy of Brandon lives on; it’s not just about trying to remember that character’s life. Instead, it’s about a larger legacy and trying to find a way to ensure that it endures a little bit over time. The Chi can be a cruel world — hence, the line tonight about how the city doesn’t love anybody.

There’s a ton of show left to go this season — answers may come, but we don’t expect them to come immediately. Having expectations for that following this premiere is likely going to be giving yourself some false hope.

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