Billions season 5 episode 6: Did Axe out-flank Chuck in the art space?

BillionsFor much of Billions season 5 episode 6 on Showtime, we saw ourselves in a familiar place with Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod. Chuck wanted to do what he could to take down Axe, only for the plan to blow up in his face at the end.

What was the problem? It had a lot to do with paintings — authentic ones that Chuck was trying to expose as a way to ensure that he could win. It felt like he had a leg up on Axe in proving that the art that he had was authentic and well worth taking him down over. He even had his place watched in order to ensure that he could figure things out … but even that didn’t work. In the end, Axe was able to use a museum designation to screw over Chuck again … which puts him in yet another precarious position.

Meanwhile in this episode, Axe was also able to further ascertain the relationship between Wendy and Tanner … something that he’s probably to try to find a way to exploit at some point. Isn’t that just what this guy does? In between his bank quest, surveillance, and also trying to understand all matters with Wendy, he’s preoccupied. Wendy is one of the few emotional vulnerabilities that he has, and we have a feeling that this is going to get very messy in due time. It’s probably not going to end well for Tanner — that much we’re very much confident of.

Does this season have too much going on? We would understand that criticism to a certain extent, and for a few different reasons. The storyline about Chuck Sr. and his kidney transplant isn’t really going anywhere too fast, and it would be nice to see something further there. Meanwhile, you also have Chuck and Catherine’s relationship, his new gig at the school, and then also Taylor Mason doing what they can to advance their own interests. It’s a lot to digest, and we don’t quite know how all of it is going to be wrapped up.

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