NCIS season 18: Could Mark Harmon, cast make it to season 20?

NCISAt the moment, we’re gearing up for NCIS season 18. We know that some stories have already been written due to the global health crisis, and we’re stoked for what the 400th episode and others are going to look like.

For the sake of this article, though, we’re especially curious to look even further into the future. Think in terms of a season 19 or even (gasp!) a season 20. That milestone number is one that we really want NCIS to reach for a wide array of reasons. It would tie it with the original Law & Order in terms of longevity, it means that the show will have defined more than two decades’ worth of television, and provided that both season 18 and 19 have 22-24 episodes, we’d get the 450th episode over the course of it. There are definitely so many more stories that are left to be told, and there are no signs that the show is planning to stop.

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As a matter of fact, we would argue that entering season 18, NCIS is in one of the better spots they’ve been in quite some time. For starters, Ziva is a part of the fold again! Bringing back Cote de Pablo allowed us all to feel a little bit nostalgic, and there’s always a chance that she could come back again. (We still need that reunion with her, Tony, and Tali.) Meanwhile, there are two different romantic subplots that are fun in their own way — think in terms of Gibbs/Sloane and Bishop/Torres. Gibbs is undergoing some very important changes, we’re seeing relative newcomers like Kasie fit in very well, and there are still some great standalone plots within the show. Christopher Lloyd, for example, was fantastic in the makeshift season 17 finale.

Ratings-wise, the audience is still very much there. We’re not only talking about one of the most-watched shows in America; it’s also one of the most-watched in the world. Its production flows like a well-oiled machine and so long as it keeps making money, we can’t see CBS shutting it down. It could mostly come down to how long the producers and cast want to keep things going.

For now, though, rest assured that we’re very much optimistic that we are going to get more NCIS beyond a season 18. While season 20 is still significantly down the road, we’re definitely crossing our fingers.

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Do you think that we could be getting an NCIS season 20 at some point in the future?

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