Blindspot season 5 episode 3: Madeline, Briana, & is Weitz broken?

BlindspotTonight, Blindspot season 5 episode 3 presented a lot of mental anguish — and then also a lot of blasts from the past, as well. This is an installment that brought mentions of Reade, Jane’s mother, Roman, and more. It also gave us perhaps a stronger sense as to what Madeline’s endgame is here thanks, in part, to some scenes that she had with Weitz.

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Let’s start here with some of Madeline’s plan, as it seems as though she is angling for a good bit more political power. She wants to work her way towards the Vice Presidency, and she’s willing to do whatever she can in order to make sure that she gets that. Even if that means rooting out a lot of the various problems that are standing in her way. Watching Briana get straight-up murdered near the end was rather brutal, especially knowing everything that has already happened up to this point.

So why did Madeline have Briana killed? It mostly had to do with her making sure that Matthew was in line and followed through on her plans.

In getting back to Jane and the team at the moment, we spent most of the episode watching them on what felt at times like both a wild-goose chase and then also a battle for survival. Yet, they did find a rather important reveal at the end of the episode that they might be able to connect Madeline to terrorists. Maybe. There’s no real guarantee that something will happen here. The same goes for Madeline breaking out people to launch a chemical attack…

Throughout the episode, we saw Jane’s near-constant fears that she was going to lose her friends as a result of her actions. She’s worried that everyone she loves will die … but she also has to find a way to fight back. It’s essential for her to at least give it a go.

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