Survivor: Winners at War finale: Is Tony Vlachos, Natalie Anderson winner?

Winners at WarTonight on the Survivor: Winners at War finale, we had a chance to see one of the most electric, eventful final three situations out there. Tony Vlachos, Natalie Anderson, and Michele Fizgerald ended up making it to the end of the game.

For most of the season, Tony was a dominant player — with that in mind, it made the most sense to imagine that he would win. He had some brilliant moves, he won four immunity challenges, and he also found an immunity idol. He didn’t always have control in the finale, though, as it was Sarah who made the move against Ben. (Ironically, we do wonder if Sarah would have made it to the final Tribal council had she kept Ben, and had he taken out Tony at the fire-making challenge. That’s a part of what makes this game so crazy.)

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Meanwhile, with Natalie she had quite the underdog story that could be a good alternative to Tony. She was the first person voted out! Yet, she fought hard at Edge of Extinction, got a lot of Fire Tokens, and worked her way to the end with some idols and an immunity win at the final four. Michele felt more like someone who wasn’t going to get a lot of votes going into the final Tribal, just because she didn’t have the same signature moves on her resume.

We do think that all three gave a pretty good final tribal council performance — nobody stunk up the joint and because of that, it was reasonably contentious. But, we do still think that Tony deserved the win. The sad thing was Jeff Probst picking up the urn and telling the players that he’d see them in Los Angeles … which was not actually the case. Instead, it was Jeff Probst in his garage reading out the votes.

Who is the winner? It is TONY. He did it. He persevered, and he got the grand prize and the title in the end.

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