The Rookie season 2 finale: Was John Nolan arrested?

Tonight, the The Rookie season 2 finale on ABC delivered twists and turns aplenty … and also a big-time face-off. In one corner, you had John Nolan — in the other, his mentor-of-sorts and friend Armstrong. He didn’t want to think that he was dirty but, in the end, he was. There was no real avoiding it.

Most of the episode was spent building and building towards the big showdown. This was one where Armstrong tried to rationalize a lot of what he did with some of what he’s gone through, but Nolan knew that was just an excuse. There were ways to bounce back, and there were ways to get better. There was a gun battle and, seconds later, it all seemed like it was over. It was looking as though John was going to win and this was all going to be over.

Yet, it wasn’t over — the moment that Armstrong suggested that there was evidence within the house, we knew there was something more. John started moving things down before eventually opening up some of the walls. Basically, he did everything he could to try and get to the bottom of what Armstrong was talking about. The irony was that a lot of that was for naught — he was able to eventually find the evidence in a secret compartment, one that was stuffed full of cash.

Then, the sirens came. In the closing seconds of the finale, it seemed as though the walls were closing in on John. Was he about to be arrested? He’s certainly in a tough pickle, and it’s going to be hard to talk his way out of it…

In the end, we’ve seen this sort of cliffhanger before — the main character gets framed for a crime they did not commit. Yet, The Rookie often takes a more grounded look at law enforcement and odds are, this isn’t going to be an easy pickle for John to get out of.

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