Is Jeri Ryan leaving MacGyver; did Aunt Gwen die? (Season 4 episode 13)

MacGyverTonight, MacGyver delivered what can be billed for now as a midseason finale … and it was definitely epic. How could it not be? Mac was walking a fine line between his undercover mission and then also working with the team. It was made even harder by the fact that Russ and Desi weren’t even 100% sure that they could fully trust him.

Well, as the episode went along they soon realized that they didn’t have all that much of a choice — they had to work together. There was a nuclear bomb that Codex was threatening to explode and he was one of their only options in trying to stop it. We also learned that the big boss through everything at Codex was Leland (Tobin Bell), a dangerous fellow who was able to tell that Mac was still Team Phoenix. He could see things that Gwen could not, and all of this led to an epic showdown in the closing 15 minutes of the episode.

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Yet, here’s the big twist: Eventually, Gwen came around and was no longer on Team Codex! Mac was able to show her another way, provided of course that Russ didn’t kill her first. Luckily, he let her live and she was able to help Mac to create a solution to stopping the bomb from causing serious chaos. The problem was that it was going to need to be done manually — meaning that it was a one-way trip, to us Mac’s own words.

Rather than having Mac do it himself, though, Gwen decided to step in, knowing that this would be her path to redemption and Mac could go on to do great things in this world. She died, and Mac lived to fight another day. The incident at the dam was stopped. Mac did recognize in the end, though, that there are other ways to save the world beyond just being a hero in the field. Gwen was aware that the planet was dying, and he paid that part of her legacy (the noble part) forward by speaking in Washington DC.

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