MacGyver season 4 episode 14 return date hopes for Lucas Till, cast

MacGyver season 3 episode 11When is the MacGyver season 4 episode 14 return date going to be on CBS? Let’s just hope that you have patience … a lot of patience. After all, we don’t think new episodes are coming back anytime soon.

So what’s going on here with the Lucas Till drama? What we know right now is this — multiple episodes were filmed for season 4 beyond what you’re seeing tonight in midseason finale. Yet, the plan by CBS seems to be to save them for a good while. These thirteen episodes work as a standalone arc all about Mac and Codex, and because production on season 4 was still forced to stop early due to the current health situation in the country, there was no proper ending filmed. It’s better to stop early and allow for closure than to end midway through and in a rather-abrupt manner.

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So, for the time being, our feeling is that season 4 episode 14 could air this fall — it’s possible that it will even be considered “season 5” when it airs. CBS is going to want to have some scripted programming set for fall given that not every other show may be ready in time. Having some MacGyver episodes stored away is a luxury that we’re sure they will want to take advantage of and then some. Our feeling right now is that you’ll get a chance to see a nice, steady run at that point, and hopefully the cast will be able to finish off season 4 as they had planned at some point before then. After that, they can get to work on season 5 proper.

Remember that MacGyver has been officially renewed already for a season 5 — with that, there is a lot of stuff to look forward to! Those episodes will of course be new stories where there are a lot of different directions the story can go.

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What do you want to see on MacGyver season 4 episode 14?

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