MacGyver season 4 episode 13 spoilers: Tobin Bell to guest star

MacGyverMacGyver season 4 episode 13 looks to be the show’s midseason finale and beyond just that, it’s bringing a lot of super-creepy stuff to the table. How much so? Just think in terms of the presence of one Tobin Bell! The Saw icon is going to be guest-starring on Friday’s new episode as Leland, a powerful man within Codex who seems to be doing what he can to test Mac.

One of the things we know already is that Mac and Riley have infiltrated the group — we hope that this will lead to taking them down from within, but who knows what sort of twists and turns are coming? What we can say is this: Leland seems to be ready to cause all sorts of chaos when it comes to the perception Mac has towards Russ Taylor.

Here is the dilemma that Leland presents to May in this preview: You’ve got twenty people on a lifeboat meant for ten. It’s sinking, so what do you do? Mac responds that you throw the weakest ones out, which is the response that Bell’s character clearly wants to hear. Is it really what Mac believes, though? We hardly think so. Instead, our imagination tells us that Mac would probably find some sort of way to set things up so that he can play a part as long as possible.

The important thing about this sneak peek, though, is what Leland says at the very end: There’s been someone else who answered this question similarly in the past … and that person is Russ. We know that this episode is going to showcase more of why Russ really wanted the Phoenix Foundation in the first place, so prepare for some fireworks and exciting twists there! No matter what it is, we just hope that we can eventually see Russ and Mac on the same page moving forward. We like the two together, and Henry Ian Cusick has proven himself to be quite a fantastic addition to the show.

Remember that following this episode, there are more stories in the can … it just remains to be seen how long we’re going to have to wait in order to see them.

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