Survivor: Winners at War episode 12 spoilers: Tony’s damage control

Winners at WarAs we look ahead towards Survivor: Winners at War episode 12, there is one primary question: Can Tony keep it going? Is there a way in order to keep the momentum steady?

Let’s face it — Tony made an epic move on the show tonight, and it was very-much entertaining to watch it go down. Yet, at the same exact time, we’ll admit that it was also an enormous risk. In opting to blindside Sophie, he was also blindsiding his own ally in Sarah … who is not going to be altogether pleased by what happened. She’s livid about the move in the preview for what is coming up, and Tony will have to win her back over and then plot more of what is going to happen next. He will have Jeremy seemingly on his side for the time being, so if we were him, we’d look at Kim as the primary target at the moment. She’s a great player who has been able to avoid detection so far, and she’s more than capable of taking a player like him on.

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We think that the Kim vs. Tony showdown could be one of the more entertaining parts of this episode … as could be seeing if another immunity idol gets put back into the game. Also, will Nick, Michele, and Jeremy end up sticking with Tony for a little while? He did help Jeremy and to a certain extent Michele by allowing them to pull off this move; yet, these are all winners! They gotta know on some level that working with Tony long-term is probably not going to be the best overall play for their game.

Rest assured, this season is in a very exciting spot at this point. We’re very much curious to learn what happens next!

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