The Nest episode 5 (finale): Dan, Emily, and Kaya’s future

The NestTonight on BBC One, the network said farewell to a series in The Nest that was steeped in all sorts of emotional and deep drama. This is one of those shows that spent a considerable amount of time diving into the depths of humanity and explored some big, fundamental questions of parenting.

Within this final episode, one of the central questions was simply this: Where would the baby end up? Would they be with Kaya, or would they eventually be raised by Emily? Where did Dan fall in all of this? There was a scenario where Dan and Emily worked to raise the baby together with Kaya spending time with them here and there, but that may have been idealistic. There was no guarantee of such a thing or really any happy ending altogether.

As the episode went along, it was time for Kaya to make her decision — and she made it clear that she didn’t need time to figure it out. Once she got the choice formulated in her head, she knew. She didn’t need to wrestle with it anymore.

For Dan and Emily, they had to figure out whether or not they would be the best parents for the baby girl. How hard could they fight for her, especially since the more that they fought, the more that the two of them ultimately stood to lose. It was more and more likely that they would face heartbreak. At least it looked as though Dan and Emily were going to face their future together, which is something that didn’t feel assured earlier on in the show.

The scenes at the end of the episode proved to be all sorts of powerful, as Dan and Emily made it clear that they wanted nothing more than to care for the baby. Yet, their path towards becoming parents was fraught and decorated with controversy. That is why the two were read the riot act by the judge as the flash-forward brought us six months into the future. Dan and Emily were granted a residence order of the baby, noting that Kaya was supporting the two of them at this time and they had the means to support her.

Is this the end? That remains to be seen in so many ways. There’s no guarantee that Dan and Emily would be parents permanently, as this will serve as an ongoing process. They best be prepared for that. We’d consider this a happy-ish ending — one that offers a hope of healing but no real guarantee. Kaya is balancing her grief and everyone is recognizing more of what it could mean to be happy.

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