The Walking Dead season 10 episode 14 sneak peek: Carol’s secret plan!

Walking Dead season 8Just in case you were wondering what Carol’s secret plan was on The Walking Dead when it comes to Negan, we now know!

In the video below (via Entertainment Weekly), you can get finally a good sense as to how everything transpired leading up to what happened with Alpha and the Whisperers. We know that Negan infiltrated the organization, got close to Alpha, and then eventually killed her. It was a pivotal move that turned the tide of what was going on in the battle between factions. We knew that there was a plan, and we now have the origins of it.

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It was Carol who first approached Negan when he was behind bars to ensure that Alpha was eliminated. She made it clear to him that if she brings her Alpha’s head, she will make a concentrated effort to ensure that there is a different legacy sewn out for him. It is one where he can change his reputation and have another chance at being a part of the community as opposed to just being a prisoner.

Yet, there are some key words that were a part of this conversation — namely, Carol said that she would help Negan if he was to do the job quickly. When he did it earlier this season, her response was “took you long enough.” Did he not move fast enough per some of her specifications? That’s something that is rather interesting to think about. Carol knows that Negan cannot really be redeemed, so she may have been looking from the jump for a way to ensure that she got what she wanted without having to embrace the guy all that much in the end.

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What do you think is going to happen with Negan on The Walking Dead, once the dust settles?

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