MacGyver season 4 episode 7 sneak peek: Mac, Desi need a cover story

MacGyverMacGyver season 4 episode 7 is returning to CBS this Friday, and there’s a big question that goes along with that. Even if Mac and Desi are a couple, is there still a way for the two of them to act like a normal couple?

The episode tonight is going to be fun, mostly because it starts off with Mac and Desi preparing for a double date with Riley and her normal boyfriend Aubrey. Because of the need to maintain a cover, the two end up being put through their paces by Russ. He wants them to look and sound like an everyday couple out on a date, and that is not an easy thing for the two of them to manage.

As the sneak peeks below show, one of the concerns that Mac has about all of this is whether or not the two have it within them to be a normal couple. Is that something that they can really figure out, or are they just too wrapped up in the danger and the intensity of what they do? It’s something that they don’t have a clear answer to, but we will say that the sneak peeks end with Mac playing a bump-up song for himself, treating a normal double-date almost as though it is a mission. If that gets them through it, that’s okay … right?

Well, the idea of this episode should prove to be a fun one since it’s going to going to explore relationships — something that hasn’t been easy for Mac in the past. You would want to hope over time that he would get a little bit more used to balancing a professional and personal life, but it’s a challenge. It’s also even harder to do this when you think a little bit about Desi’s own history and the life that she leads.

This is all going to be complicated — but, can’t complicated prove to be rather fun at the same time?

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