The Bachelor: Peter Weber’s mom claims Madison got ‘best edit’

Peter WeberWe’re two days removed now from the finale of The Bachelorand it still feels as though we are dealing with fallout from what Peter Weber’s mom did.

If you missed it, during the live finale on Tuesday we ended up seeing Barb proclaiming that her son “had to fail to succeed” when it comes to matters of his heart. She openly was negative about the idea of him being with Madison Prewett, and also complained that she and her family were kept waiting hours without any sort of apology for it. Madison still didn’t offer an apology during the live show, which only inflamed the situation further.

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Does Barb have a right to be upset? Sure, but we also have a feeling that Madison isn’t solely responsible for the Weber family being forced to wait for the longest time imaginable. This is typically a situation where there are a lot of different factors at play, and the thing that remains the most surprising is just how public Barb has been criticizing her son’s dating life. What good really comes from this? It’s one thing to at least put on a good face publicly; it’s another altogether to publicly lambaste your son’s new partner on live television. (Peter and Madison are trying to figure things out, but we’re not altogether optimistic that it will work.)

In a new interview with Life and Style Magazine, Barb speaks out further about her feelings towards Madison, claiming that the show gave her the “best edit” possible and avoided anything that would have been viewed unfavorable:

“When I asked her questions … you know people jumped to conclusions and what [not], but they did not see because they did not show any of that … They did not show anything of what really happened, of the questions that I asked her. They didn’t. They didn’t show any of that! They did that episode just to make her look the best that she could, but nothing that I asked.”

There is one other option that Barb may not be considering — maybe there was already hostility entering Madison’s appearance because of the circumstances that she had her guard up, making this an almost impossible situation. We understand this is a mom that cares about her son, but it feels like it would be in the interest of everyone to put their best foot forward to try and fix this. We’ll see what happens when the dust settles.

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