Ink Master season 13 episode 10 sneak peek: A head-to-head face-off

Ink Master season 12 episode 6Ink Master season 13 episode 10 is arriving on the Paramount Network this Tuesday, and everything is about to change.

For the first time this season, the team concept is completely out the window. Instead, a big part of this upcoming episode is going to revolve around a head-to-head style battle. Artists are going to be squaring off against other artists and, in the end, only five people will be declared safe. The remaining five may have to face off again and, when the dust settles, two artists will be eliminated. (Remember this, though — there are still some pardons in this season, so there is a chance that someone will be able to withstand this elimination and stay put.)

There are five different styles that are central to this challenge: Fine line black-and-gray, American traditional, biomech, tribal, and then also Japanese. There are some super-interesting battles here! Take, for example, Jerrel deciding to call out Bob on biomech — it’s Bob’s specialty so he recognizes that this is a big challenge. Frank is in the same position, squaring off against Angel Rose in fine line black-and-gray. Jimmy Snaz is doing a tattoo in American traditional, which is scary for just about anyone facing off against him. It’s something that he rocks out time and time again and there’s a reasonably good chance that he will do the same thing here.

Oh, and there’s another big twist thrown in here based solely on bad luck — Jerrel’s human canvas deciding that she couldn’t take any more and her knee was numb. Because of that, he’s going up against Bob with an unfinished tattoo. He knows that he’s gonna be screwed, and that means there’s a 40% he gets eliminated at the end of the episode. Based on the quality of his work, though, we’d be willing to wager that Jerrel is one of the people who gets pardoned at the end of the episode if he gets sent packing.

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