The Walking Dead season 10 episode 11 sneak peek: Negan, Alpha ‘bond’

The Walking Dead - NeganWith The Walking Dead season 10 episode 11 arriving on AMC this weekend, we imagine there being a lot of notable events around the corner. What’s one of the biggest ones? Think in terms of a larger-scale Whisperer attack.

Sure, this isn’t the sort of event that makes you want to jump up and down in celebration, but it is very much an event nonetheless … and one worth being excited about.

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In the sneak peek below, you can see how the latest round of chaos begins. Alpha is back with the Whisperers after her daughter opted to keep her alive — she did that to preserve her humanity, but in doing so, she’s given Alpha perhaps an even greater sense of power. She has no issue being whipped and marked by Negan — she wants it to happen. It’s a part of her mantra that pain is power and she’s now stronger than ever.

As odd as the scene between Negan and Alpha may be, at least we can say with confidence that we’ve seen odder … it’s gonna be hard to top what happened with the two of them at the end of the midseason premiere.

So what’s going down on this episode beyond this? Think in terms of Beta and plenty other Whisperers being ready to bring about their desired end of the world. The communities after to prepare for something that is so much worse than what they’ve seen as of late, and a lot of it is going to build its way towards a violent, shocking conclusion to this season. The writers are taking their time with this clearly, but now that Alpha is so separated from much of her humanity, how much longer can this crisis last? How long should it last? What is Negan going to decide to do?

As you can tell, there are a lot of questions on our mind entering the next phase of the show.

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