Grey’s Anatomy season 16 actor on ’emotional’ Justin Chambers exit

Grey's Anatomy season 14While Justin Chambers is now gone from Grey’s Anatomy and his final episode has aired, most of the cast has remained quiet on the subject. Some have addressed the show through what happened with Alex, but most have opted against speaking too much about Justin himself.

In a way, this makes sense — the cast has a close bond, and there’s a sense of privacy that does need to be respected. The strangeness of the situation adds to it, given that we have an actor who exited the series midway through the season almost without warning. If Justin wants to come out and say more in the future, he more than has the right to do that. We know that he was loved on-set by a number of his colleagues, and it does seem like a lot of them took his departure hard.

Speaking via People Magazine, this was confirmed further by one of the more-recent arrivals on the series in Chris Carmack (Link):

“[Chambers’] contributions to the story over the years was one that was difficult to say goodbye to … The Grey’s community is definitely a family and supportive of one another. There was an emotional fallout amongst cast and crew when we found out.”

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The fallout likely has to do with losing a family member who had been there for so long, and it must be a hard pill to swallow. It doesn’t mean that there is animosity towards Justin or anyone else; it just means that there is a process that probably comes with his exit. The world of Grey’s behind the scenes may feel abnormal for a while.

Is there a part of Alex’s exit that feels out of character to us? Absolutely, but there won’t be time to look back on that on the show. Instead, we’re going to be looking forward and we’re hoping that Jo will be able to heal from losing a great love in her life. She will have support from others, and Link will probably be at the top of the list given the two have a friendship that precedes the two of them working at Grey Sloan together.

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