MacGyver season 4 episode 5: Is Matty Webber a traitor?

MacGyver season 3 episode 10Tonight, MacGyver season 4 episode 5 proved itself to be an engaging, enjoyable hour of television — and also one with a big twist at the end.

When the big reveal of Titan’s “identity” came out at the end of the episode, we were expecting more or less a new character who would be a part of the next few episodes. We were not expecting, however, a reveal that this character would really be Matilda Webber. Why would Matty be playing for Team Bad Guys? Why do that? The reveal proved to stun most of Team Phoenix, largely since we’ve seen Meredith Eaton’s character be one of the heroes for the better part of the past several years.

Yet, this is a world where some crazy stuff does happen — just think back to what we saw in season 1, where it was revealed that Thornton was a traitor. That led eventually (and quite ironically) to the introduction of Matty on the show.

So is Matty a villain? You’ll be left to wonder that for at least the next week or so, but we’d say that her reaction to the Titan reveal tonight didn’t give a whole lot away. (Granted, we only saw a few seconds of it.) We would wager, though, that there is a chance that Matty is still one of the good guys, and she’s trying to infiltrate the baddies from within. Remember that she is the ultimate keeper of secrets, and that she’s also very good at seeing miles ahead of the mission in front of the team. There are a lot of ways in which Matty is playing a long game here — also, remember that while the Phoenix Foundation was in disarray, a lot of these characters lived different lives! Matty may have been doing so much more than just giving her version of TED Talks.

We still believe in Matilda Webber — and we hope that you do, too. Granted, there is always that chance that we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment here and she actually has turned…

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What do you think about this new Matty Webber news in the context of MacGyver season 4 episode 5?

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