Homeland season 8 episode 3: Is Carrie the new Brody?

HomelandThroughout Homeland season 8 episode 3, you see a number of outstanding scenes. Take, for example, the time we spend with Haqqani after recognizing that his own flesh and blood Jalal is a traitor. The cameras linger on the two men as Haqqani in some ways pleads for him to tell the truth about his affiliation with ISI. It’s a reminder that he doesn’t really want anything to happen to him … but he recognizes that he doesn’t have much of a choice unless Haqqani decides he wants to come clean. Alas, there’s no indication that he is interested in doing that.

The resolution of the conflict between the US and the Taliban is fascinating, and maybe idealistic in the way — it’s hard to imagine it being prolonged forever, especially since the promo for episode 4 already hints at some dissension in the ranks.

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Within some ways, Homeland season 9 seems to be existing within two different worlds at the moment. You’ve got everything that is going on at the moment with Saul and Haqqani, and then simultaneously, there are also big moments aplenty in regards to Carrie and Yevgeny. She spends all of this time working to secure a meeting with him and in the end, she gets it. It even just so turns out that Mike, Jenna, and the rest of the American team on the scene isn’t able to extract a lot of intelligence from it. She’s able to get a sense of what he knows (he claims to have helped with Samira) and what he doesn’t (supposedly, what happened to Roshan).

What’s perhaps most fascinating at the moment, though, is that we’re left lingering on Carrie’s loyalty and her mental state. Yevgeny, based on this conversation alone, clearly knows more than just a few details about Carrie’s file. He may have acquired information from her Russian imprisonment that she doesn’t remember, and could be acting with Yevgeny’s interests in mind to go along with her. Is this the same situation as Nicholas Brody? Hardly, but we do get the feeling that the producers are trying to harken towards that situation. Brody lived between two worlds, and Carrie in a way could suffer the same thing.

At the moment, we don’t have clear answers — but it definitely feels like this is one of the principal stories worth watching for the remainder of the season.

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