Ink Master interview: Jordan Allred breaks down season 13 experience

Jordan AllredJordan Allred, through much of her time on Ink Master season 13, was a strong tattooer who was a part of a strong team! The Midwest did a lot to show themselves as a force to be reckoned with. There was a lot of strength in their designs and for a while, it felt like they could run the table on this thing.

Yet, their good fortune did fade, and after a difficult neon-themed tattoo challenge, Jordan found herself eliminated. She outlasted a number of other contestants, and with a different challenge on a different day, who knows? She could still be there now.

Below, Jordan shares her thoughts on being a part of season 13, the team dynamic, and what she thinks about her elimination after the fact.

CarterMatt – What was it like being in this competition? What did you find to be the most rewarding?

Jordan Allred – Being in the competition was equal parts hard and amazing. We never know what is coming and that was exciting. Being adaptable is definitely a plus in such an unpredictable competition. The most rewarding part was the strong connections I made with fellow artists and pushing my artistic limits.

Are you still surprised by your elimination after the fact?

I was genuinely shocked to have been eliminated but have come to terms with it. I’ve had time to reflect on the choices I made during the show and can understand why it was ultimately me that went home. I don’t agree with living with regrets for myself but can’t help but wish that I could have shown myself as a stronger artist and was able to compete longer.

The Midwest team seemed to get off to such a great start this season. What made you guys so formidable?

Where we are from may have had something to do with the way we formed such a strong team right off of the bat (no pun intended). Being in an unfamiliar environment is a lot easier when you feel genuinely connected to people around you. When we all met in the first episode there was a pretty immediate feeling of support and we got along SO well, we were really lucky for that.

What made the neon tattoo in particular so challenging?

Light reflection can be a difficult illusion to execute through tattooing. With neon being such a bright and vibrant light source I was nervous for that because I am mainly a black and grey artist and hadn’t practiced very much color with light reflection. Thinking too hard about a piece can make you trip up pretty easily and that is exactly what I did.

Is there any art style you wish you had a chance to show off?

I really wanted to be able to do black and grey realism and traditional Japanese!

How can people contact you for a tattoo?

Keeping up with me on Instagram is the best way to stay updated with when my scheduling books are open or closed. I post instructions on my page that will let you know exactly how to get in with me! My Instagram handle is @jordanallredart

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