Homeland season 8 episode 2: Is the Saul twist twisted enough?

HomelandIf you’ve watched Homeland season 8 episode 2 on Showtime, you probably know it to be a very entertaining hour of television. It contained some big twists, showcased the state of things in the Middle East, and also reminded Carrie Mathison that she is far from out of the woods when it comes to Yevgeny and the Russians’ influence over her entire life. That’s one big twist, mostly because Carrie can’t fully remember everything that happened to her in prison.

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Yet, the most interesting political twist at the moment has to do with Saul, who found himself screwed over right when he thought he was going to negotiate some peace with Haqqani and the Taliban. Unfortunately for him, ISI had some other plans. He was out-flanked by Pakistan, who wanted to do their part to keep the two parties at odds with one another. This led to Saul being captured, which really should be something that he’s familiar with at this point. How many times can someone like him end up in this spot?

There is a frustration that comes with seeing yet another instance of Saul ending up in this spot, given that we’ve seen it before so many times. Yet, what makes it so interesting this time is that Saul was framed — right when he actually had some hope to negotiate some peace within a certain sector of the Middle East, victory is snatched from right in front of him. He has to now try and peace together the aftermath of this, though we have a feeling that it’s going to prove rather difficult for him.

Will someone be able to retrieve Saul? That’s possible, but when you think about it, on some level he’d be better suited to find his way out himself. The more people try and rescue him, the more it could unsettle the situation. This strategic back-and-forth could be one of the best parts of this hour.

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