The Bachelor spoilers: Why is Tammy Ly so upset? (sneak peek)

TammyThrough much of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor so far, Tammy Ly has been established as one of the more popular contestants. She’s got a good sense of humor, a unique backstory, and her personality stands out from the pack. Unfortunately, we have also not seen enough of her to know if she is a genuine contender or not.

Yet, the sneak peek below does make something clear: She’s willing to get herself mixed up in some of the drama. Is it drama that she should be getting mixed up in? That’s a completely different story. According to some of the other women, Tammy has been going around and talking about whether or not Kelsey has a drinking problem. As a matter of fact, Kelsey told Peter that she was accused by Tammy of that very thing. This leads to a conversation as to whether or not Tammy should be talking about the other women, and it’s when Sydney starts to enter the picture here that things start to get a little bit more heated.

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There is a lot of irony in Sydney and Kelsey both being involved in this, given that both of them, as well, have been at the center of conflict over some of the things that they’ve told Peter about other women in the house. Kelsey spoke out repeatedly about Hannah Ann in the midst of #ChampagneGate, while Sydney was one of the leaders of the big anti-Alayah movement that recently was a part of this season. Of course, the difference here is that there’s a difference between accusing someone of being “fake” and then supposedly implying that someone has a drinking problem.

In the end, it feels like this entire situation is incomplete, largely due to the fact that we don’t see any of the individual conversations that kicked this off. Maybe we’ll see them down the road within this episode, or maybe they just weren’t captured on-camera … which does feel like a little bit of a failure of production.

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