Evil season 1 finale: Is Kristen possessed? What’ lies ahead…

EvilTonight, the Evil season 1 finale decided to scare upp all sorts of crazy drama on CBS — and also leave us scrambling for some answers on what lies ahead. For now, one of the biggest ones has to relate to Kristen. All signs point towards the character being possessed, given what we saw with the rosary and the clues that already signal this as a very-clear sign of a demon lurking somewhere within. It’s a heck of a teaser for what’s next, but then there’s also this question — how much control does she have? How can she fight it?

Evil is a show where nothing is necessarily painted in black and white, so it’s probably not fair to look at this finale as a debate of whether or not the character is fully possessed or not. There is, after all, something a little deeper going on here — can she fight back? How worried should we be? Speaking via TVLine, here is some of what executive producer Robert King had to say on this particular subject:

The reason to be worried is that [the moment with the rosary] happened. The reason not to be worried is the look in the mirror, a look of, “Oh f—.” Evil people who indulge in evil, where you can’t pull back, maybe would wear that as a badge of honor or they would look at it and go, “Yeah, that makes sense.” Kristen doesn’t want to be that person.

There is still hope for Kristen moving forward, right? That’s the good news, but with the potential danger lurking underneath now, a big part of the show’s second season could revolve around simply this — how can you then apply some of the skills to yourself that you’ve been using on some other people? Is there a way that you can view your own problems objectively? This is going to make for a heck of a cliffhanger to the new season, and that is something that we can say with the utmost confidence we can muster … at least for a show where nothing ever seems to be too certain for long.

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