Batwoman episode 10: Show boss on Batwoman’s magazine reveal

BatwomanTonight on Batwoman episode 10, we saw some big post-Crisis reveals, but also also one of the most emotionally-significant sequences that we’ve had a chance to see unfold throughout any show in the Arrowverse. We’re talking here about Batwoman publicly coming out in a magazine interview with Kara Danvers as reporter.

What this moment represents is something enormous for the people in Gotham, as Batwoman now becomes something more than just a masked fighter and a symbol — it gives people a sense more of who she is. There’s a human element to that, but there are some other things to consider, as well. Take, for example, that there are some who could view it to try and narrow down her secret identity.

Speaking in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, check out some of what executive producer Caroline Dries had to say on the subject:

Obviously, it reveals a huge piece of her “identity.” Like what Luke [Camrus Johnson] was saying at the beginning, it’s great to have this misinformation out, because it just confuses things. Now, it’s basically saying we just narrowed down the population quite a bit [regarding the masked hero’s identity]. That is one thing that will work its way into the story. The other thing is, and Vesper Fairchild [Rachel Maddow] says it in the voiceover, “What happened to politics staying out of our superheroes?” What will ultimately happen is that the GCPD, who is in charge of the Bat Light, becomes a little conflicted about what statement they are making now when they put the light.

This is the sort of reveal that could cause Kate problems, but also feel a greater sense of freedom and inspiration. She knows that she stands for something more, and the character she portrays now does the same thing. There are inevitable risks that go along with that, but she has certainly determined that it is worth it. We’ll see how things play out, but within the world of Gotham and for Batwoman itself, this is as powerful of a cultural moment as you’re going to see.

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