Chicago PD season 7 episode 11: Will Burgess, Ruzek get married?

Kim BurgessTonight on Chicago PD season 7 episode 11, the NBC series brought us a larger window into the world of Burgess and Ruzek than we’ve had a chance to see. There have been major pieces granted, but this started to put a lot of it together.

We knew that Burgess was going to keep the baby, and that Adam wanted to do what he could to be there for her. But this doesn’t mean that they are completely on the same page and that came to a head when they were out in the field. Ruzek was quick to shoot down a perp after feeling as though Kim and the baby’s lives were in jeopardy. Yet, Burgess felt like she had the situation under control. Since she’s going through the pregnancy and the two aren’t together, she feels she has the right to make the hard calls. Ruzek may understand that, but that doesn’t make it easy to watch while these calls are being made.

As a matter of fact, Ruzek took it upon himself near the end of the episode to try and cement a larger commitment than ever before — marriage. He suggested the idea to Kim in about as unromantic a fashion near the end of the episode, and she wasn’t too keen on it. She loves Adam and they’re certainly family, but they’re not in the place for that. He may know this, but he still wants to do the right thing.

In looking at this story from afar, that is what it really feels about — both Burgess and Adam may be confident in their jobs, but they’re still confused. This is a tough, unprecedented situation for both of them and they don’t know how to handle it. They’re trying to find their way, and as a viewer, there’s appeal in that. It’s a reminder of the frailty of these cops, and seeing their insecurities mixed with their strengths is one of the reasons why Chicago PD works. They may be great at their jobs, but that doesn’t equal anything and everything in between.

On a different note, there was a sweetness to seeing Burgess clue Voight in on her pregnancy — it was small and quiet, but definitely well-played.

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