NCIS season 17 episode 12 review: Was there Ziva, Tony update?


Entering NCIS season 17 episode 12, we knew that Timothy McGee was dealing with a life-altering decision. Yet, him getting a vasectomy was not something that we imagined in a million years.

Through most of this episode, we saw Tim doing what he could to (subtly) break the news to some people within the team, trying to figure out a way to get more comfortable with the surgery. Torres did nothing other than make him more nervous, while Vance did his best to comfort him by talking about his “multiple” procedures … and how his first operation didn’t take as expected.

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This entire storyline wasn’t anywhere near as shocking as we expected going in — more than anything, it was just a source of comedy. In the end, McGee opted to do the operation, despite his fears that life could throw some twists and turns his way.

The case itself

Tonight’s storyline revolved around Navy Lieutenant Weeks, a woman who was on the run and doing her best to uncover a secret. She escaped at one point via motorcycle and then at another point via plane. She proved in the end to be quite the slippery character before eventually she was found and confronted.

As it turns out, though, Lt. Weeks may have had more of a purpose than it at first seemed. She claimed that a Commander she knew was responsible for the death of his wife, and Weeks was desperate in order to prove it. She did that courtesy of the laptop that she was looking for; he used the computer in order to hack her car.

Yet, here is another twist into the case — the Commander wasn’t as guilty as Weeks once thought. Yet, her work ended up bringing the truth to light. The Commander was having an affair (a weapons specialist), and it was his mistress who was responsible for the death. Case closed. It was a crazy one and we’re not sure that Weeks will live down her extreme measures, but the job was done in the end.

Where was the Ziva update?

After spending so much time watching her try to reunite with Tony, wouldn’t it have been nice to hear that she made it back to him and their daughter Tali? Unfortunately, there was nothing, but we went into this episode expecting not to hear anything and ready to dive back into the more procedural world of NCIS. Maybe we’ll get some sort of mention of the two during an upcoming appearance from Robert Wagner — it’s hard to get an appearance from DiNozzo Sr. without a mention of what’s going on with Junior.

In the end, the lack of a mention was disheartening, to say the least…

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