Doctor Who season 12 episode 2 ratings down, but by how much?

Doctor WhoThe first Doctor Who season 12 episode 2 ratings are in over at BBC One, and they do paint an unsurprising portrait for the Jodie Whittaker series.

Typically, the trend is that a show loses a chunk of its audience following the premiere and leading into episode 2. Such is the way of things here, as well. Last night’s new episode generated on average 4.6 million UK viewers, a drop of close to 10% from the New Year’s Day premiere. It also marks the lowest number of the Whittaker era, but once again, we don’t think that anyone can be too shocked by this.

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When you look at the larger picture of Doctor Who ratings-wise, it is easy to recognize its somewhat-cyclical nature. You start off with some great ratings for a new Doctor, and then eventually viewership wanes as people fall off or grow disinterested. Then, a regeneration happens and a new era begins thanks to people who are excited and/or enthused to see a new Time Lord bursting onto the screen. Such will probably be the way of things here, as well.

For now, we think the BBC will remain pleased so long as Whittaker continues to bring in around 4 million viewers a week on average. Remember that Doctor Who is also a global series, and the overall viewership in Great Britain is but a small piece to its overall viewership puzzle. There are a lot of other regions and territories that it can make some money from.

We’ll see how these ratings hold up the rest of the season, but the good news is that the show’s quality feels very much there. After a somewhat-polarizing season 11, the first two episodes of season 12 seem to have the show off to a great start and with some fantastic stories and twists around every corner.

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