The Bachelor spoilers: Flight attendants Eunice, Jade, Megan meet Peter

The Bachelor - Peter WeberEvery season on The Bachelorit feels like some of the contenders think that they have some sort of great, innovative idea for the first night. Yet, it always blows up in someone’s face. Take, last season a pilot trying to not go over-the-top so that their personality can shine more — yet, Peter arrives in a way that immediately showcases his job and commands attention. Remember also the season of The Bachelor where a ton of women wore red, thinking that would help them stand out?

Well, the new season is going to feature flight attendants — three of them, in fact! Not only that, but all of them seem to be thinking that they’re special and unique. Take, for example, Eunice sporting a set of angel wings upon her arrival, or Megan doing the whole pre-flight routine right out of the limo. Out of context, at least Megan’s idea is funny… but it’s ridiculous when there are three flight attendants this season. Production totally hosed them.

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So is Peter really looking to date a flight attendant? Given that his mom was one and his father was a pilot when they met, there’s at least a chance of that happening — though then again, this is a relationship that comes with its own set of challenges. Take, for example, the fact that both parties would be away all of the time. It’s a hard field for both a potential husband and wife to be in, though at least Peter would know that these women would understand the long hours and the schedule. (Side note: The fact that Peter is still a pilot is one of the refreshing things about the season — it doesn’t feel like we have too many leads these days with normal jobs.)

Based on everything that we’re seeing this season already, there’s going to be chaos, heartbreak, and also a very different sort of ending. We wonder if Peter can actually go through the whole season with the winner unspoiled!

What do you want to see on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor?

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