Legacies season 2: Danielle Rose Russell on Hope, Josie confession

LegaciesIs there going to be something that happens with Hope and Josie on Legacies season 2 moving forward? It’s ultimately hard to say, but at the same time, there is definitely a seed or two planted there.

Let’s go ahead and put it like this — both of these characters have professed to having crushes for each other in the past. These feelings don’t seem to be playing out in the present, but they’ve been spoken into existence. Maybe that turns into something, or maybe this is just one of those “two ships passing in the night” situations where timing didn’t quite work out and they’re on different paths now. After all, right now it seems like Landon is more the focus for both of them.

As for what Danielle Rose Russell feels about Hope’s recent confession to Josie about her feelings, she wasn’t too shocked by the reveal itself — but was a little more by the timing. Here’s what she had to say via TVLine:

“I was like, ‘This is weird timing, considering there’s this whole love triangle going on.’ But I guess I always knew that Hope was pretty sexually fluid, so that didn’t shock me. I’m glad that [the writers] established it in the real world, instead of in an alternate universe, so it can be a real thing. They can leave that there now, and we can move forward onto other things. If it ever makes sense [for Hope and Josie to get together], it makes sense. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

What’s so interesting at the moment is that there are so many different story directions for both Hope and Josie, even if things don’t work out for either one of them and Landon. Hope’s got possible romantic partners aplenty. Beyond just that, though, we know that there are plenty of Josie/Penelope fans still out there, as well. What we’re getting at here is rather simple — there are opportunities aplenty for Legacies to explore all sorts of different stories, depending of course on what they are. These characters are also so young that there’s a lot of room for personal growth and change.

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