God Friended Me season 2 episode 9 sneak peek: Helping Cara’s stepdad

God Friended MeGod Friended Me season 2 episode 9 is airing on CBS this weekend, and things are going to be a little dicey for Miles. It’s one thing to be helping out complete strangers who are in need. It’s another thing altogether when some of the friend requests turn personal. That’s where we get to the latest sneak peek below.

In this video, you can learn that it is Cara’s own stepfather who finds himself subject to a friend suggestion, and it’s an odd one since at first, it doesn’t seem as though anything is going wrong in his life. Yet, it’s only after being asked that he admits that there are some things that he is struggling with when it comes to his job … and that could eventually lead to further questions. Is this going to be a situation that is too personal for Miles to get involved in?

We don’t want to spell out too many details right now, but let’s just say that this particular friend suggestion is one that puts a strain between Miles and Cara as they struggle to think about the right way to handle this. Cara recognizes the importance of these suggestions — there was even the story last week with Gideon as evidence of what happens when you don’t follow things through. Yet, there are some situations that are hard to accept and this could prove one of them.

What we know in the end here is this — it makes sense for there to be some conflict between Miles and Cara now. Just remember the suggestion last week that the God Account may eventually force people to choose what they want most in life. For the past few weeks, Miles and Cara’s relationship has been on good footing … but it’s the nature of these shows to mix things up and cause some more chaos. (With the positive tone of the show, we do remain hopeful that one way or another, everything will work out.)

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