Grey’s Anatomy season 16 fall finale: A car crash, Amelia pregnancy surprise

Grey's Anatomy season 14We will admit that going into the Grey’s Anatomy season 16 fall finale, we found ourselves very worried about Miranda Bailey. After all, the promos entering the episode seemed to showcase Ben running into the hospital — enough of a reason for us to freak out.

So when Bailey started to bleed while speaking to Pruitt, that was enough to make us extremely concerned that something could be unfolding … something serious. In the end, it was. While she was okay, she ended up losing the baby. We understood that this was a possibility from the start, as we’ve seen pregnancies end in devastating ways before within this particular world.

Yet, this one was especially sad — Bailey wanted to work immediately after her miscarriage to get her mind off of it, and she also tried to do whatever she could in order to move forward. She also pretended as though she was still pregnant to Amelia so that she didn’t have to explain her pain.

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The bad news didn’t stop with Bailey in this episode, as Maggie decided to tender her resignation after struggling to operate on the same patient that she’s operated on a number of times before. Catherine, meanwhile, came to a conclusion that Richard is having an affair based on the evidence that was there.

On the other side of things, Meredith proved once more that she is great at her job, even while battling the new pediatrics doctor, who was as arrogant as can be. (As it turns out, she was a “gift” from Cristina.) Jo decided to take on the responsibility of caring for a baby that was abandoned at a fire station, and she had a hard time actually giving it up.

The big twist at the end of the night was this — Amelia was 24 weeks pregnant rather than 20. What does that mean? That Owen may be the father rather than Link. Yea, that’s trouble. There was also a car that crashed into the bar in the closing seconds that many doctors were at — there’s your uber-cliffhanger moving into the new year.

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