Supergirl season 5 episode 6 sneak peek: Andrea has a request for Lena

Andrea RojasWhen Supergirl season 5 episode 6 airs on The CW this weekend, you’ll have a chance to see a very different sort of Andrea Rojas than we’ve seen so far. Think in terms of someone desperate and intent on getting a little bit of help from Lena Luthor. What’s the problem? Well, it may be so simple as Lena not being altogether interested in lending a helping hand.

Still, it’s more than fascinating to see these two characters put so many of their cards on the table. In the sneak peek below, you get a pretty good sense of exactly what some of that looks like. Rojas comes to Lena, proclaiming that she needs to figure out a way to get into the DEO. Yet, in response to that Lena does her best to act innocent, almost as though she has no real idea what the DEO even is or what they do. Lena eventually relents, but then she hears the rest of what Andrea needs to do: Burst into the facility and commit murder in order to please some of her own employers. This is a lot for someone like Lena to hear, especially since she has no real reason to want to help Andrea. The two aren’t friends, as she rather-bluntly notes to Rojas. There’s no reason for her to bend over backwards in order to help her.

By the end of this upcoming episode, we have a good sense that we’re going to be getting a chance to see Andrea reach more of a breaking point, especially if nothing between her and Lena changes. It’s obvious at the moment that Lena has some of her own issues to deal with and doesn’t have all that much interest in collaborating with someone else … and we don’t think that Andrea bringing up Supergirl helps matters one way or another.

Still, it’s nice to be getting more info on Andrea at this point — and also a reminder that despite whatever power she has, she’s still working ultimately for someone else. That very much hasn’t changed.

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