How to Get Away with Murder: Who is the dead informant?

How to Get Away with MurderWho is the dead informant on How to Get Away with Murder  season 6? Not only that, but why are they dead? We think that both of these questions, in their own way, are important to the series’ endgame.

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As of right now, what we know is this: Annalise is “dead.” Maybe she’s pretending, or maybe she’s not. Either way, it feels like she and the dead informant are likely different people. The two mysteries may be connected, but as for how, that’s yet another mystery.

For now, the person we’re probably the most worried about is Gabriel just because he’s somewhat disconnected from the main group, has reasons to work with the FBI, has an ax to grind, and likely still has secrets. We’ve already seen some other people, including Michaela and also Connor, around in that timeline. They’ve at least made it past that point. As for other longtime characters, they’re still in jeopardy.

As for why they may be killed, here’s a crazy theory we’re going to put out there — is it possible that Annalise killed someone who found information on her on her way to faking her own death? It would add a little bit of impact to the moment, especially since she’s been the one at the center of How to Get Away with Murder as a concept from the beginning. For her to be the final murderer, both of herself and someone else? There’s an odd sort of poetry in that.

Our hope is that by the end of the calendar year, the producers will be kind enough to at least unlock that part of the mystery. Once they do that, maybe they’ll be kind enough to then hand down answers on something else.

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Who do you think the dead informant is on How to Get Away with Murder?

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