How to Get Away with Murder season 6 episode 6 spoilers: Annalise’s ‘deal’

How to Get Away with MurderNext week, How to Get Away with Murder season 6 episode 6 is going to present with it a story of struggle. This is an episode where Annalise is going to do what she can in order to get some important information … but she may be asking a lot in order to get it. She’ll be doing her best to infiltrate Michaela’s personal life, just as some other people will be doing infiltrations of their own. Take,for example, Nate. This is a character who is going to be spending a little bit of time trying to figure out what’s going on here with Tegan; as a result of that, he may be looking for some surprising sources of information.

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Below, CarterMatt offers up the full How to Get Away with Murder season 6 episode 6 synopsis with some other news as to what’s coming up next:

Annalise intervenes in Michaela’s relationship with her father and asks for his help in return. Because Nate still doesn’t trust Tegan, he attempts to get in good with someone who was once close to her. After Asher reunites and has an unpleasant conversation with his estranged mother, he shares a meaningful moment with Michaela. Elsewhere, Connor finally learns why he was originally picked for the Keating 5.

Beyond everything else that we’ve mentioned here, we are rather glad to see a big storyline in here for Connor … one that could prove to be an origin story of sorts of the Keating 5 and how they originally came to be what they were. When you think back at it, there are so many interesting sliding-doors scenarios. What if Annalise had went with some other people in the end? What would this show have looked like?

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