Power season 6 episode 9 spoilers: Jesse Williams in as Cash’s father

Jesse WilliamsPower season 6 episode 9 is heading your way this Sunday, and we’re finally going to get a chance to meet LaKeisha’s ex Kadeem. He’s a big part of this world — he’s the father of her son Cash, and he’s also someone who’s gonna come into this with big questions. Who made the move to kill her off, and why in the world did they do this?

To go along with this casting, we’ve got some pretty-great guest-starring news, as well. Per a report from Entertainment Weekly, you are going to see Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams stepping into the role. The site notes that it’s only for this one episode, so we’re gonna have to appreciate getting Jesse on board for the limited amount of time we’ve got him.

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As to what Kadeem is doing in the episode, it’s clear — mourning LaKeisha. Just because the two aren’t together doesn’t mean he’s numb to her death. He’s upset, just as Tommy is — Tommy assures him that even though he doesn’t know who is responsible for this, he still wants to do everything that he can in order to ensure that he gets answers. It’s gonna be crazy watching some of that happen, especially since we know where everything leads at this point — to Tasha. She’s the one who pulled the trigger and while Tommy may not know everything right now, it may not take him too long to piece two and two together.

Let’s just put it this way — who would’ve wanted LaKeisha dead? Someone who also wanted to ensure that she didn’t turn over any information to the feds on Tariq. Tasha’s the prime candidate and while Ghost may be the bigger killer, she’s plenty dangerous in her own right when she is threatened … and at the moment, she is very much so.

Williams is continuing to be super-busy these days — in addition to the work he’s doing here and on Grey’s Anatomy, also booked a role recently on Little Fires Everywhere. He’s also got performances coming up on Broadway.

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