NCIS season 17 episode 5 review: Murder by hypnosis?

NCIS season 17 episode 5We’ll admit that we’ve been excited to see NCIS season 17 episode 5 for a while. After all, it’s a case featuring mind control!

At the start of the episode, we met a woman named Lanie who had a history of problems — think in terms of anxiety, insomnia, and more. She was desperate to do whatever she could to sleep, and that included having a session with none other than Dr. Pershing. He helped her to find a way to fall asleep. However, the problem that she ran into along the way is that she woke up to find a gun in her fridge. NCIS was on the scene, and shortly after that, we learned that she killed someone named Joe Cortez.

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So did Lanie actually kill Cortez? The problem for NCIS became trying to find a way in order to clear her in his death. She claimed that she was totally innocent, and eventually, pointed the finger on Dr. Pershing instead. While NCIS (with the help of Dr. Grace Confalone) did some clever research on the subject of hypnosis, it was not enough to make it clear that she was innocent … police work did that instead.

The big twist in the case came courtesy of Jimmy Palmer and Kasie, who were able to reveal that Lanie couldn’t have killed Joe. For starters, she was allergic to peanuts and they were all over the crime scene. Also, her fingerprints appeared planted on the gun. She was framed, and she was never actually there. As it turns out, Joe was with a married woman … and her husband found out about it.

This was such a complicated case and yet, there was a very simple solution — an angry spouse ended up being responsible for what happened.

CarterMatt Verdict

The best part of NCIS season 17 episode 5 comes courtesy of the opportunity to see Torres get hypnotized on the way to exhibiting some strange behavior. We wish we had actually seen some of it, but it was still funny nonetheless. Let’s also not forget about the big of information about Gibbs handing off the case on the opioid to the DEA, which could be important moving forward.

The case itself was a good one — there were a lot of twists, and then also a lot of mystery. This is one of those perfect episodes to go back and watch in repeats. Add to this a heartwarming subplot about Gibbs playing baseball with a kid, and this episode brought all of the feelings.

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